11 Feb

My Winter Project Is Complete!

Thank you to everyone who helped to support my Winter Project, supporting children in Foster Care through The Fiaria Project!  This was a huge team effort and we are going to make such a difference in so many children’s lives in Bucks County!

In total, I was able to collect well over $2,000 worth of clothing and baby items for kids in need.  My friends in the American Sewing Guild helped to sew 65 pillowcases, 35 tissue holders and 15 burp cloths which will provide a special handmade addition to this delivery!

I’ve included pictures of many of the items below along with our grand totals.

Thank you again to everyone who helped!  I’ll be posting pictures of the delivery soon!


Baby Supplies Hygene Clothing Handsewn
4 packs of diapers 28 toothbrushes 4 outfit sets 65 pillow cases
9 wipes packs 14 shampoos/body wash 3 pairs of little kids pants 15 burp clothes
8 receiving blankets 15 hand sanitizer 8 pajamas 30 tissue holders
12 baby shampoos 19 deodorant 125 socks
8 sleepers 9 chapstick 26 pairs of gloves  Toys
4 baby shirts 75 travel size 8 regular sweatshirts  6 dolls
16 bottles 8 hair brushes 1 jacket
2 baby lotion 12 soap bars 64 regular shirts
14 pacifiers 17 toothpastes 6  regular shorts
12 grooming kits 17 underwear

Photos of what we collected: