31 Aug

Me with my friends from CHICS

A few days ago, my grandmother and I went to a CHICS meeting (Creative Hands in Community Service).  In the picture, you’ll see me with my friend Emma from Dresses with lovE. (You can learn more about Dresses with lovE by clicking here.)

At the meeting, we helped a friend sew pocket pouches to donate to St. Mary’s Hospital.  I had a lot of fun – this is a great group!

I also got A LOT of really great thread and fabric from my CHICS friends.  Thank you to everyone!  They will all come in handy for my next batch of Buddee Bags!

Madeline with her friends at the CHICS meeting

Madeline with her friends at the CHICS meeting

22 Aug

My New Fabric

Yesterday I got home and there was a box in the mail addressed to me.  One of my Dad’s friends and his family was in Kisumu, Kenya on vacation and they went to a market where they bought me a lot of African fabric.  The patterns are amazing and the colors are so bright!  I would also like to thank everyone who has recently donated to Buddee Bags.   I am hoping to have a new batch ready to deliver soon.

New fabric from Africa

New fabric from Africa

19 Aug

My first trip to the American Sewing Guild

A couple of days ago, I went to my first American Sewing Guild meeting.  Everybody from the Bucks County Chapter  was nice and very welcoming.    It is always fun to meet new people and learn about new projects.  I had a chance to show off my anywhere bag, people really loved it!  I also learned how to make a bag out of neckties during the “show and tell” part.  I volunteered to bring some treats to the next meeting – I can’t wait until the next meeting!

My Grandma and I at the ASG meeting

My Grandma and I at the ASG meeting

08 Aug

Keeping busy!!

I’ve been keeping busy over the last week working on new bags and looking for the next place I will donate to.  I am so thankful for the donations I received this week, I am now able to buy more fabric and make more bags.  I am hoping to have the next batch done in about two weeks and then I can deliver them.

I had a great time yesterday teaching two of my cousins how to sew! They each made a pillow for themselves and helped me stuff some neck pillows to donate.

Tomorrow I am going to my first meeting as a Sewing Guild member! I am really looking forward to it!

01 Aug

My day at the Arbors

Today I had the chance to go to the Arbors.  I met all the residents and got to spend some time with them.  I was glad to see they all appreciated the  walker, wheelchair and anywhere bags plus the neck pillows.  I even had some requests for more wheelchair bags because I ran out.  I also got two more donations today which will help me with the next round of bags and pillows.