23 Oct

Make a Difference Day 2015

Happy Fall!  It has been a while since I updated my site and I am sorry for that! Even without a post, BuddeeBags has been going well.  I will try to share some of the summer highlights with you.

First, over the summer we were able to donate a number of bags and pillows to people who emailed me for them.  I also made bags for the start of the school year for my school and another local school district for students with wheelchairs and walkers.

Another exciting piece of information to share is that I entered a Buddee Bag and a pillow into the Middletown Grange Fair (along with a number of other items) and both items (actually everything I entered!) won a ribbon! I was so proud and also so happy to share these items with everyone.

The reason I wanted to write this post today was to share some information about a very important day tomorrow that I will be participating in like I did last year.  Working with my mom and grandma, we have a number of volunteers coming to help sew and stuff tomorrow for the national Make a Difference Day.  I will post some pictures after the event but I want to encourage everyone to help out tomorrow in some way either with my project or another one to make the world a better place.