27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed spending the day with my family.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me with Buddee Bags.  I continue to make bags whenever I can.  I just donated 8 bags to students and am working on another bunch right now.

I also recently made dresses and shorts to send to Guatemala.  I am including a picture below.  I wanted to say thank you to Sandy for taking them with her to deliver to the children she meets on her trip next month!

Dresses for Guatemala

Dresses I made for my friend Sandy to take to Guatemala


18 Nov

Let’s start a snowball….

I am very happy to share that I have been recognized by Start a Snowball foundation! They have provided me with a grant to help “start a snowball” and allow me to make Buddee Bags even bigger!

I am going to use the money to help spread the word with other kids by sending patterns and fabric to schools and organizations that have sewing programs to try to get more kids sewing and helping those in need.

Please take a minute to visit Start a Snowball.  They do such great work and help kids like me get our projects going.  I am so honored to have been selected.

I am also beginning to work on a Day of Service sewing project for January 19 and I hope to get a lot of volunteers (kids and adults) to help me! More news to come on this.

Thank you Start a Snowball!

Thank you Start a Snowball!

05 Nov

Meeting the Founder of Bernina Sewing Machines

Yesterday, I was off from school for Election Day.  My Grandma took me to meet the founder of Bernina Sewing Machines.  I learned how hard it can be to make a sewing machine that people will like.  He said it took years to get it just right.

While he was signing his book for me, a photographer from the Bucks County Intelligencer took our photo.  It was in today’s edition!  Here is a link (click here) to see the photo!  I also pasted it below.

I hope someday I can get a Bernina sewing machine!

Meeting the Founder of Bernina Sewing Machines

Meeting the Founder of Bernina Sewing Machines



04 Nov

Fashion Show

On Sunday morning I was able to participate in The American Sewing Guild’s annual fashion show.  Everybody who was modeling like me had to make their own clothes from scratch. Attached below is a picture of me at the fashion show in the outfit I sewed.  I also made a matching outfit for my doll.  Big thanks to my Grandma, I couldn’t have done it without you!

American Sewing Guild Fashion Show November 2014

American Sewing Guild Fashion Show November 2014